ATX / Gamer

Our ATX power supplies are compatible with a variety of computer models, making them the perfect power solution for your mid tower and full tower desktop systems. Use our Gamer ATX power supplies are the industry standard, and with a variety of connector types and power output ratings offered, you'll be able to find the power supply that's perfect for keeping your desktop PC running at maximum efficiency.

Flex ATX / Mini ITX

Slim down your PC power with our wide selection of FlexATX and Mini ITX power supply units. Perfect for home theater systems and home servers, these power supplies are often found in slim desktop PCs from top manufacturers. Don't replace your PC when the power supply burns out - equip it with a slim power supply from Replace Power!

Micro ATX / SFX

Our variety of MicroATX replacement power supplies are just the thing you need for a low-power desktop or mini tower PC. Compatible with a number of big brand small form factor PCs, as well as many miniature computer cases for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, our selection of MicroATX power supply units will provide you the small form factor power you need.

Micro PS3

The variety of Micro PS3 power supplies from ReplacePower are just the right width for a selection of desktop computers from major manufacturers, including HP and Dell. With the proprietary connectors for these desktop PCs included, you'll be able to replace your power supply for a fraction of the cost, avoiding hefty computer repair fees. Browse our array of Micro PS3 power supplies to find the one that's right for you!

Power Adapter

Make your PSU work for you with our vast array of power adapters! Get just the right number of cables for your unique PC application, including 4-pin molex adapters, SATA adapters, power splitters, video card power adapters, and a number of proprietary power adapters to use your power supply units with brand name PCs. Never be without power for your components when you select from our arsenal of computer power adapters!


Get a power replacement for your SFF PC with our selection of TFX power supplies. True small form factor computers require TFX or smaller power supply units, which can make replacing the power supply in your barebones or manufacturer's PC a tricky proposition. Take the guesswork out of your energy needs with our stock of TFX power supply units!