Replace Power began manufacturing computer power supplies in 2009, offering replacement power supplies for OEM brands including Dell, eMachines, HP, and Compaq. Since then, the company has moved to establish itself as a leader in the industry satisfying consumer needs with high-quality and powerful hardware solutions.

Replace Power offers standard ATX and mATX power supplies as well as performance small form factor power supplies include Mini-ITX, TFX, and Micro PS3 form factors.  PC gamers are also increasing their usage of performance components, and Replace Power components are designed to meet the needs of performance gamer PC’s. Replace Power is committed to offering business and home users excellence and efficiency when choosing their hardware components. Replace Power is headquartered in the USA and ships to over 30 countries around the world including Canada, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, China, Taiwan, and India.

New Product Development

Replace Power is dedicated to bringing new technology to the forefront of the computer industry including innovative power and cooling solutions. Our engineers and technicians work endlessly to modify and improve our existing lines to create more powerful and adaptable PC solutions.

The Future

Replace Power is working to expand OEM manufacturing ability and establish universal power supply products that are compatible with most major brands. Replace Power introduces new products to the market frequently so check back to see our latest products.